10 Fashion Accessories Every Guy Needs

Today we’re talking about 10 essential accessories that I believe deserve a place in any man’s wardrobe. One important disclaimer however I’m going to show you the accessories that I like to use. And wear to complete my style. And I’ll give you my personal brand recommendations but that doesn’t mean that you need to go out. And get the exact same thing because the goal here is not to all look like clones of each other but more. So to experiment with different elements of fashion to further develop.
Express your own style. Accessories are just one of those elements I’ve yet to meet. For a man who doesn’t look great in a watch, the watch world is vast. And filled with many different styles. And designs I think it’s just about finding the right timepiece that fits your aesthetic. And naturally complements your style.

The thing is watches are also by far the most

Socially accepted form of jewelry for men. So if you’re used to dressing a little bit more classic or conservatively. this is definitely your easiest way to step into accessories. I think the first step in finding a good watch for you is to ask yourself. what metals do you most often wear when it comes to your other jewelry.
Your belt buckles maybe even your glasses do you most often wear silver or gold most watches will have. Some form of metal on them whether it’s the whole bracelet or just the case. And I’d say that generally, it is a good idea to go for whichever metal you most often wear. I currently have eight watches in my collection but to be fair there are only two or three that I wear on a regular basis.

My go-top right now is this milden Helvetica light with a silver mesh bracelet

My go-top right now is this milden Helvetica light with a silver mesh bracelet. And white dial this gage also a silver mesh but with a blue dial. And I like wearing this one whenever I’m going for a sportier look or if I have. Something blue in my outfit to match. And then I’d say it’s tied between these Timex weekenders. And this cornice watches the Timex has more of an explorer feel. So I would wear this one with more
Outdoorsy looks with earth tones for example. And this cornice feels a lot more formal. So I’d probably wear this with more elegant outfits although this Nixon is actually my most recent pickup. And it’s my first time trying out a gold watch. And to my surprise, I actually like the look of gold on me a lot more than I thought.

Go-top’s next up we have bracelets when it comes to bracelets.

Go-top’s next up we have bracelets when it comes to bracelets. I definitely think that less is more. I love a simple cuff or chain worn on the opposite side of your watch. And I definitely do tend to prefer metal bracelets. I think they’re far less risky than say a beaded bracelet. for example, I feel like those can very quickly look tacky more often than not.
I say this to Someone who actually has quite a few of them. at one point I actually wore beads quite frequently back in my college days. where they should stay I’m sorry if you like to wear them but I’m just not a fan 95 of the time I do see. Some people pull it off. Sometimes but those are very rare occasions. And I feel like in the majority of cases it just gives too much of a college guy on the semester abroad kind of vibe.

With the scoop neck t-shirt rounded hem skinny jeans

With the scoop neck t-shirt rounded hem skinny jeans. And a stack of beaded bracelets it’s just not a look for me but hey if you like them you do you. if you feel like you’re ready to move on past the beads try a cuff or chain bracelet in the middle of your choice or even a leather one of my favorite brand for minimal jewelry.
Some beautiful sleek minimal designs in real silver. And real gold I highly recommend them or if you prefer an edgier aesthetic. I’m also a big fan of Thomas sabot they’re a little more rock. And roll but I also love these guys’ really cool designs. I’ll link both in the description along with everything else. I mentioned in the video okay let’s talk about necklaces.

Jewelry as a whole is building a strong presence in men’s fashion

versatile ideally I would choose a pendant that has. Some symbol or meaning for you because oftentimes men end up wearing that one necklace literally all the time. So you don’t have to of course but I do think it’s nice to have. Some meaning or reason behind it.
Some bling around your neck kind of like a tattoo this was the first necklace my mom bought for me. And the pendant represents the wheel of karma. I quite like the concept of everything coming back full circle. So positive behavior leads to more positive outcomes. And the same with negative behavior. So I think it’s a good reminder I’ve had it for I think seven or eight years now.

And I still wear it almost every single day except today.

I guess but last week I got this new necklace from Yantai. I love this pendant I don’t know if you can see it from here but it has one arrow with three birds on it. which is kind of a take on the phrase kill tubers with one stone was taken one step further I guess. And I see it as representing efficiency. And productivity.
Reminds me to take control and take responsibility. And work smart anyways I think you can’t go wrong with that. Something simple. And understated in the middle of your choice. And then you can advance to. Something a little bolder more of a statement piece with your second or third necklace. or just keep the same one for eight years. like I did number four we have rings yes rings are

Just as much for men as they are for women

there’s nothing wrong with spicing up your looks with a little silver. and a little gold on your fingers. I mean guys can we just normalize jewelry for men as a whole. please it seems super normal to me but I still see guys judging. And criticizing other men for wearing jewelry because. Somehow it looks quote-unquote feminine.
I mean come on guy kings wore signet rings on their pinky fingers. And you’re trying to tell me a little silver band on my finger triggers you to get over yourself okay. So there are a lot of different styles. And designs of rings. And I know it can feel a little overwhelming at first. So I would suggest looking at many different pictures.

preferably showing the person’s outfit as a whole

As well as the rings that way you can kind of get a sense of your preference of aesthetic are you going for more of a rocker look. Something classic. And formal to complement a more conservative suit. And tie kind of outfit or maybe. Something edgier almost Mafioso-like. perhaps a more minimal aesthetic but with an elevated feel. which is generally the kind of vibe that I like to go for once you start.

Narrowing it down you can kind of get a feel for the shape size.

Design what you’re looking for but whatever you go for. I would say the key to a cohesive look is to not go overboard with the jewelry. And keep it balanced between the two hands. So if you’re just going for one single ring. maybe wear it on the hand opposite to your watch along with a thin bracelet to complement it.
That way it balances out the larger space that the watch is taking on the opposite wrist. if you’re going for two or three rings split them between the two hands. two on one on the other don’t go for three rings on one hand. And then zero on the other I like to keep it a three maximum between both hands but I’ve seen people wear more than that. And still, pull it off.

I just prefer to keep it paired back a little bit I’ll put.

Some links below to a couple of different brands that make rings with different aesthetics. So you can kind of browse through. And get a feel for what you like. And don’t like number five leather belts not going to lie. I’m usually not a big belt person more often than not I prefer to go for a no belt look. but can’t deny that belts are definitely.

A staple accessory for men

when I do wear one black leather is definitely my first option. it can be great to emphasize your waistline when tucking in your shirt. And to create contrast when you want to clearly delineate your top. And bottom half for example when wearing a monochromatic outfit onto my favorite category of hats.
Baseball caps are also one of the only types of hats. I can actually wear it with my long hair because I don’t really like the look of hats with my hair down. And if I tie it into a bun beanies are pretty much out of the question. And fedoras. And other types of classic hats aren’t really my vibe but I love baseball caps they’re casual and sporty. And easy to integrate into a wide variety of different styles right now.

my favorites are from every lane

I know a lot of you are in summer right now. And just the thought of a scarf made you drop a sweat actually yeah it’s way too hot to be wearing this right now. but scarves are such an essential accessory for when the temperatures drop especially on those very windy days.
one of the few items on this list that actually serves. a functional purpose on top of being there for the looks for fall. And winter my go-to is an oversized scarf either in a neutral color. if I wanted to blend in with my look or I’ll go for a bolder color. if I want to make more of a statement I just love the feeling of being wrapped up.

You can still opt for a thinner more lightweight scarf

You can still opt for a thinner more lightweight scarf on those warmer days. if you still want to cover yourself up on a particularly windy day backpacks are definitely. my go-to for carrying around my things because we always have a bunch of stuff on our hands these days. And everything just seems. So much bigger than before I mean I don’t think the guy who invented trouser pockets imagined. that one day we would actually be trying to stuff.

These humongous phones are inside.

I know we guys like to carry everything in our pockets phone wallet cars keys packs cigarettes packs condoms. it’s like Mary Poppins pack in there but what’s going to happen is that over time. the weight of all these items is going to damage the stitching inside the pockets. And it can cause the pockets to flare out. So I always like to carry my things in. Sort of bag if I really only have my phone wallet.

keys I can get away with a cross-body bag

keys I can get away with a cross-body bag but usually, I’ll also have my headphones with me to listen to music or a podcast. And my umbrella because of London. And if I’m working I also need my laptop. And a whole bunch of other stuff. So more often than not my backpack is my go-to I think you can never go wrong with a leather backpack. it makes a casual bag feel more elevated. And more grown-up.
My two favorite ones right now are this black one. this beige one from harvest with silver details. I’m not sure how you pronounce that one. by the way but I’ll link both in the description of both great bags I’ve used them both for a long time now. And they’ve held up really well on top of having a really sleek cool design.

Okay, I can’t complete a list of essential accessories without mentioning sunglasses

heard me say it before sun rays can be damaging to your eyes even on those cloudy days that we always get in London. So we should all be wearing sunglasses. probably a lot more often than we are right now. I know I need to do a better job at it for sure when it comes to finding the right sunglasses for you. it’s all about finding the right shape.
the right Size for your face you don’t want. Something that’s too big or too small. otherwise it’s just going to look disproportionate on your face. And we all have different faces but you also want a design that complements your style well. I’d recommend watching my video from last year on finding the right glasses for you. I’ll link it down below or up here it’s focused around regular eyeglasses.

But to be honest those tips can also be applied to sunglasses as well.

And last but not least we have fragrances well technically. this isn’t really an accessory you wear although actually, it is you do wear a fragrance. it’s just not visible I love a good fragrance it’s just a perfect finishing touch for a great outfit in my opinion. And the scent is a powerful thing.
It can lift your mood and bring back memories and boost your confidence. simply bring a little sense of joy for me I see it as the cherry on top of an already great look. I’m not going to wear fragrance if I’m going out grocery shopping but if I’m putting a little bit more effort into my look. because I want to look great for a brunch or a dinner or an event where I just want to put that little bit more.

Effort in that case I love to add just a little whiff of fragrance on my wrists.

Neck right before I go out the door I think different fragrances suit different occasions as well. Some are more adapted to summer for example they’re light citrusy and fresh. And others are maybe a more earthy heavier spicy kind of fragrance. I would feel right at home In a lounge cocktail bar on a fall night.
Some are a little more paired back refined but not overpowering in their set. you could wear those in an office environment. for example my go-to’s for the longest time have been told dermis. And savage by Christian Dior not to be confused with the more recent savage by the way this fragrance is like five decades old. And it’s a classic it’s Elegant citrusy fresh.

my go-to for the warmer days

I use the toilette version entire darkest is just a great all-around fragrance that’s not too overwhelming. it’s earthy woody a little bit spicy but it’s still fresh at the same time. So you could definitely wear this at the office. but it’s also not too boring for a dinner date the world of fragrances is very vast. And there’s definitely a lot to explore. So let me know in the comments if you’d like me to make a full video just on fragrances.

And those are my 10 essential accessories for men

I think these 10 items are a great place to start. if you’re looking to improve your accessories game but let me know in the comments. if you think I missed a category.
And on that note, I wish you all a beautiful day to stay stylish. And I will see you in the next video peace table wasn’t clean.