Hey, guys welcome back to my website. I hope you are well if you’ve not clicked the buy button. it would mean so much if you could hit that little button before you get cozy. Watch this blog so today’s blog is highly requested. One is the Gucci belt is still worth it in 2023 is it still in trend should I buy it.

I am here to answer those questions. Chat to you about it so get cozy. I hope you will enjoy this blog any questions you have whatsoever just leave them below. there is also a full guide to Gucci belts styling Gucci belts styles everything on my blog up which will also be linked below so let’s go so first things first I got.

My Gucci belt oh my gosh years. Years. Years ago now

My Gucci belt oh my gosh years. Years. Years ago now. I am happy to say it’s still raring. Ready to go happy. Amazing it’s one of those products that I think is just timeless. It’s a classic it’s one of those forever pieces in your wardrobe. it really is a staple that just goes with everything the leather is hard-wearing the belt is hard-wiring.

I get quite a lot of questions asking if the belts changed if it’s gotten weird no it hasn’t. I haven’t really been that good at taking it. It’s a little carry pouch it’s traveled the world with me it’s been bashed around my suitcase. It’s fine I did go for the one that’s kind of brassier rather than super shiny so I think that’s also helped me because It kind of already looks a little bit worn but honestly it’s been totally fine.

The leather has remained perfectly intact as well.

The leather has remained perfectly intact as well. Like I say I’m not someone that has taken the utmost care for it so I think that in itself is a reason why it’s still going to be a big item that people want all the people are wearing in 2023 because it is a product that lasts. It’s one of those pieces in your wardrobe that you can wear time. Time again you know I was watching selling sunset the other day one of the best programs ever.

One of the girls on there was wearing her Gucci marmot belt all you need is things like that. Then all of a sudden there’s this big surge. Everyone’s like let me get my Gucci my mom fell out of my wardrobe oh my gosh I want to put it back on because it just adds so much to every outfit that takes me on to my next point that I think the Gucci almond bell is just so easy to style. it goes with pretty much everything if you’ve seen any of my other Gucci mama blogs I will leave links below but they’re all on my website you will probably have seen me styling them in different ways.

You know whether you want to wear it around the waist

You know whether you want to wear it around the waist. Pop it with a nice little dress whether you want to wear the brown belt in summer. Probably with a white shirt. blue jeans or like me when I wear my black blog month out I like to wear it with just an all-black outfit I think it adds such a beautiful piece of the designer to kind of black skinny jeans with a black roll neck. That’s kind of my favorite way to wear it I love wearing it with my Burberry trench over the top my mom has the brown one.

Absolutely loves it goes so beautifully with her blue jeans this is why you see people switching it up. You’ll see someone that originally had the medium-sized one but now they have the small-sized one because they realize that now they want the understated one to wear around their belt loops.

There are just so many options as you guys probably know you can obviously always add in another hole. Then you can make it go around the waist you need to refer to my size guide about sizing because it’s going to help. You out a lot more but I think the waist ones look absolutely stunning on like Jumpsuits or you could wear them with a gorgeous little dress in spring.

It gets me excited basically the possibilities are endless there are also unisex as well

It gets me excited basically the possibilities are endless there are also unisex as well. so you could literally get one. Share it with your partner if you are the same size or just add a few extra buttons to it. I’m actually pretty certain that when I bought mine they probably sold me a men’s one.

Men’s ones used to be cheaper but they’re not cheaper anymore. Because they’re unisex. So now I think they realize people were buying the men’s. One thought they were cheaper but they’re not they’re all the same price. Now it’s also a telling point that in any designer outlets such as vista village or Woodbury common. Wherever you may be in the world I personally have never seen Gucci.

Mom belts go on sale when I go to vista village people ask me all the time.  My gosh, what’s the Gucci moment about that but it’s never on sale. I feel like that’s a telltale sign that in 2023. You’re good like the Gucci mama bell is still going to look great. If you love it why not. I think it goes to show that usually in designer outlets they will either put stuff on sale that they made too much or Put stuff on sale that’s all season. It shows that the belts are still churning out as the current season because I’ve never seen a reduction on the traditional ones. Trust me I know because I’m always doing the research for you guys. I also think they’re always going to resell as well. So don’t worry if you buy one.

Then you decide. You’re not getting much wear out there as long as it’s in great condition. You can definitely resell it. There are some great resell designer sites. I will leave one of my favorite ones down below because I can never pronounce it vegetal. I think but I couldn’t pronounce it completely wrong so you can always resell stuff or even depot I have a depot. Shellac’s cheeky little plug um the resale value of Gucci bells never seems To go down.

it’s not like you’re going to lose loads of money as long as it’s in good condition

It’s not like you’re going to lose loads of money as long as it’s in good condition. Trust me I don’t think they’re hard to keep in good condition as someone speaking that’s had a few of them in different colors. Batted them around over the last few years another thing that I think proves that we’re not over the Gucci Marmon belt trend is that there are so many new variations. Honestly, I always love the original one but I am a sucker for these new variations to find out my favorite. New variations head to my blog post below but I’m going to pop some on-screen now. I love the new variations. I’m probably pronouncing this wrong because shocked she pronounces everything wrong. The Gucci torsion belt oh my gosh my friend josei has one. It looks so beautiful so it’s kind of like the Gucci logo.

Gucci just adapting with the times bringing out new colors bringing out new patterns bringing out new belts

It’s more embellished. It just looks so nice so if you maybe have thought okay I’ve seen too many traditional Gucci marmot belts. But I still want one but I don’t want to go with the crowd and get a different variation in a different style. you can even get it with pearls on the front there are so many different ones now. I think that’s part of the fun. It shows that actually, they’re not going out of fashion.

Gucci just adapting with the times bringing out new colors bringing out new patterns bringing out new belts. you could literally collect the whole collection. Have it in your beautiful wardrobe room with all of them laid out wouldn’t that be a dream. If you are completely over the Gucci mall mom belt there are obviously other designer belts. you can get to know Louis Vuitton Balenciaga valentine, Prada.

Yes, there are so many. I will link some favorite options below if you’re looking for something a little bit different but I would say the Gucci mane belt definitely still has a place in 2023. It’s definitely not a trend that’s going to die what I would say is it’s weird. I always thought that the medium one was the most popular one but I have friends who were like the huge biggest one like a big jumpsuit to make a really big statement.

it looks incredible like an all-white jumpsuit or an all-black jumpsuit with like this big double g talk about making a statement. fashion darling or going for more kind of like the downsized one wearing. it really beautifully just with some jeans very understated like I say I just think there are so many ways that you can

Wear the Gucci Mormont belt is going to sit in your wardrobe

Wear the Gucci Mormont belt that is going to sit in your wardrobe. it’s going to be timeless. You can wear it with so many outfits so many options the colors seem to go with everything as well. It really works through every season. so I hope you enjoyed this blog like I say everything I mentioned will be linked below any questions just ask me in the comments guys.