Top 10 most expensive fashion brands in the world

do you know what are some of the most expensive fashion brands in the world? I bet that you are all well familiar with most of the brands featured in this blog from Burberry to Chanel.
you will see the top luxury fashion lines in this list but the question is what intrigues you. most people is what is the most expensive brand the one brand that is above all the others well.

if you want to know the answer to that question stay tuned till the end of the blog

on number 10 there is Burberry Burberry is the iconic British fashion brand.

that was established by Thomas Burberry in 1856. Burberry is the inventor of the waterproof tough gabardine material. and is famous for its outdoor attire. they started the company with only outdoor attire. and later expanded into luxury clothing. fragrances Burberry clothes are worn by Barack Obama, Queen Elizabeth, and the legendary Beyonce. Burberry trades products in London and is also a constituent of the 100 FTSE index.
Some of the most expensive Burberry items are three cotter lengths. double-breasted trench coats owned by Aubrey Hepburn. sold by christie’s London in 2017. 94 906 dollars for a limited edition. Burberry woman’s trench coat made from peacock feathers worn by Anna Wintour of American Vogue.

Ninth on the list is Prada

you all must be familiar with the devil that wore Prada. but before that happened the royal Italian family wore Prada. the very first Prada store was made in Milan Italy in 1913. the new store used to sell handbags jewelry travel trunks and other goods. but the shoes and clothes weren’t introduced yet.
The current CEO of the luxurious company said in an interview that, “despite coronavirus Prada has been sustained and fast returned to consumer spending most sales of the brand are from Asia particularly “
china some of the most expensive Prada items are the brandy top handle.

on the eighth spot, we have the eve saint Laurent eve saint Loren

the designer Christian Dior And later co-founded the great fashion brand. yves saint laurent in 1961. ysl is well known for its men’s and women’s ready-to-wear apparel in the start the brand became famous for playing a huge part in the beatnik look. it also popularizing tuxedo suit sets for women now. st, Loren is owned by the luxury international group kireng which is a constituent of the CAC french. 40 indexes some of the most expensive Yves Saint Laurent items are the Yves st Lorenz sunflower jacket. a limited edition of four hand-embroidered. as a tribute to van Gogh 382 thousand dollars Yves saint Laurent opium perfume 175 dollars per ounce.

The seventh spot features Christian Dior Christian Dior

introduced the new look to the world in 1947. a year after the opening of his fashion house in France the new look consisted
radically. feminine aesthetic featuring petite waists tight-fitting jackets and full skirts. the look is now commonly known as Dior. the luxurious company Dior sells everything from jewelry to leather goods. fragrances to skin care products and makeup Dior were acquired by the fashion house. lvmh in 2017 for a whopping 13.1 billion dollars.

six on the list is Cartier during the french revolution in 1848 Louis Frances Cartier.

a young Parisian breadmaker bought his master’s little workshop. after a decade Cartier launched his first boutique.
he started selling not only timepieces but also high-end luxury jewelry Cartier was managed by Louise’s family. first by his son than by his grandsons. one of his family members Pierre expanded Cartier by establishing. the u.s headquarters on the famous fifth avenue in new york in 1917. the company Cartier is currently owned by luxury goods-based company Compagnie Financiere Beechmont from Switzerland.
some of the most expensive Cartier items are the Hutton Advani jadeite Cartier necklace 27.4 million dollars. and the peregrine Cartier necklace 11.8 million dollars.

on the fifth, we have the luxurious Rolex the legendary read brand Rolex

Is the second read brand to appear on the list Hans Wilsdorf established the company. when he was only 24. he named the company Rolex because according to him. it was easy to pronounce in any language and would also look classy on readers.
Rolex was the first company to introduce a waterproof wristed. and also a self-winding read in 1931. after a while in the 1950s Rolex started designing readers for professionals. activities like deep-sea diving aviation and many more the Geneva-based company. Rolex is currently owned by the Hans Wilsdorf Foundation. some of the most expensive Rolex items are Rolex Daytona reference 626 unicorn 1971 5.9 million dollars. and paul Newman’s Rolex Dayton 17.8 million dollars fourth place is occupied by Gucci.

Gucci the ultimate epitome of luxury was founded in Florence Italy in 1920.

Gucci is well known for its accessories leather goods fragrances and ready-to-wear apparel. it is a place where you will get all the things in 1990 a new Texas-born designer tom ford joined. Gucci was the creative designer and changed the perspective of the fashion line.
just like st Loren Gucci is currently owned By hiring some of the most expensive Gucci items are Gucci Stuart Hughes belt. 250 000 rock crystals and 18-carat gold ear pendants were auctioned by christies in 2011.
74 500 we’re down to the top three brands comment down below and tell us which is your favorite luxury brand.

in the top three, there is Hermes

Hermes is the oldest brand on the list it made its debut in 1837. in Paris Hermes was originally a harness. saddle workshop working to serve the European noblemen and women. after more than a hundred years Hermes introduced a non-equestrian item. a silk scarf Hermes is one of the most iconic luxury fashion brands on the earth right now. it retails not only leather products
but also reader’s jewelry fragrances ready to wear apparel. much more some of the most expensive Hermes items are the Hermes Birkin Ginza Tanaka bag 1.9 million dollars. and the Hermes rose gold crocodile bag 1.9 million dollars.

the second most expensive fashion brand is Chanel

everyone in the world is well aware of the name Coco Chanel. even if they’re not into luxurious brands. they hear Chanel and they think of it as the second name For luxury Chanel was started by Gabrielle Chanel.
a young fashion designer in Paris in 1910 Chanel retailed hats which became quite famous with the model of that time. but Chanel reached its peak of fame when she released her signature perfume
number 5 in 1921. with every passing year, Chanel keeps making more money and engaging more people.
even pandemics did not affect the profits of Chanel some of the most expensive Chanel items are limited edition. Chanel diamond bag decorated with 334 diamonds and with an 18 karat gold carrying chain 261 thousand dollars. the estimated value of two rare cocos Chanel and Fulco de Verdura gem-set and gold broaches sold at christie’s new york in 2004.

Louis Vuitton the most expensive luxury brand

it belongs to Paris and is valued at 52 billion dollars. despite covid 19, the company has not lost its charm. and its popularity keeps on increasing the company was founded by Louis Vuitton in 1854. and they used to sell travel trunks only in the beginning.
now lv is not only known for bags or travel trunks. they manufacture the best luxury jewels and clothes ready to wear. and fragrances the Chairman and CEO of Louis Vuitton are bernard Renault the third richest in the world after Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates. some of the most expensive Louis Vuitton items are steep Louis Vuitton teddy bears of 2.1 million dollars. Louis Vuitton urban satchel decorated with recycled water bottles and chewing gum
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