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Hello, welcome everyone again today. I want to show you what these bots are? The box weighs a little. And I really like these shoes. And since the end of the year is approaching and Christmas wanted to recommend them. Because this is going to be my third year with them. He liked it only for two trips that I used in New York.

I bought them and I like these shoes so much that they are very comfortable. And I think they are so worth it in terms of their price that you want to recommend them to others. Because they come in this big box. I have them well Placed. because it’s very hot where I live. And honestly, he hasn’t used it this year. he suggested I use it where I live. Because the weather demands it and I won’t wait any longer.

Wear it where it snows or where it is very cold. Because I think they have a style that can be used wherever you want. Because it was in my mind that it is only for snow or it is only for when I travel due to the weather. Because later where I live I have saved them in these ways. It is still preserved what this nylon is from where they came from. It is better kept in a suitcase.

And that’s why it doesn’t move me to such a company

What are my clothes or in my suitcase where do I keep my things? These are marriages. As you can see, it has a sound that already exists. Fashion has been around for a long time now.

We have the name of a gypsy who says they are made in Italy. And they have a small star here, they are very strong at the bottom. However this part of the leather I think is quite comfortable. And here this part where it is flexible feels very resistant. Because it helps the foot to enter easily.

It can be removed, it has Velcro tape and well.

We can remove it and we can use the Gucci Boot. Which is easier, flatter, it stays the same, it looks the same from the front. And then we can remove it. It’s becoming easier and at the same time easier to figure out what to add to me personally. I prefer shoes with it because I think you look more feminine and it gives you a Gives like Addition details.

They are quite flat and quite delicate and as delicate as Leather. As they say, the plan is as simple as what you see here which well Gucci also says the rubber here increases a bit further I like this part. From the front because it is like the Gucci Boot itself. which feels well protected around the Gucci Boot. As it protects you what is the part of the skin with which I walk with them.

In the snow and I had to walk with them

In the snow and I had to walk with them because obviously, the wet floor protects the feet a lot. And if you quote some half of them. These are the ones that are like this cloth to protect yourself from the cold. I love them in the winter. They are very comfortable for me. That’s why I recommend them. That this year they put it in brown. And they are attractive because I like them.

The other colors they are trying on me are very comfortable. I recommend them. I suggest to them that you can walk with them a lot. They honestly have a moderate weight that no one can bear. Maybe if you’re one of those girls who walk with them. A high heel shoe and you are just looking for something to walk and walk and walk for hours without worrying and without losing the height you like because he wears high heels.

I recommend these shoes, I’m not going to walk in high heels

I recommend them too because I think I can keep them standing longer and without bothering me and giving them to you. It helps a lot and it also gives comfort to the feet. So I definitely recommend these Gucci Gucci Boots a lot for reference. It is a size 36. I am usually between 35 to 36 or 36 and a half. 36 There is more good than good.

I have lost weight since I bought them and they are still comfortable for me. because in the end I wear them with socks and they fit me perfectly. Because of the mess in the socks. I wanted comfort for the shoes and for later use.

Advantage of the fact that I am here to show you another model of shoes that I have. These are the ones I make that look like a designer in my own shoe collection because I have some that are very cheap. I don’t feel comfortable at all and so on. But the point was how to show only two that I have more expensive to give you my opinion and I think they are models that you like to keep in your Window.

It will always unite them and it will go with them.

well, it’s with something from about three years ago, if I’m not mistaken, its cap is about three and a half inches, it’s with them. I also kept them, I premiered them once at the end of the year and now I don’t wear them, I think it’s time for this year even if it’s at home because well we have more Don’t go out but maybe it was for the end. Year community

You can wear them here at home for Christmas, as you can see, it has a moderate heel. The Gucci Boot is very simple, there is no decoration at all. But for me, it is a classic model. Is a model because we can always use it with everything. We have in the club or short dress with jeans with leather short skirt with a long dress. I think this is a model that is always beautiful and Looks great. It will never go out of style.

It has a zipper that goes down to the bottom

Making it easier for you to put your foot down. I’ve also used it with tights that aren’t too thick, maybe a little thin, and well, they fit me well. Well, yes, they are in size 37, they recommend them like this because this model is for small runs it says weird mark then Chen always something I say my name made in Italy It also says that they are made in the size of Italy. 37 which I hate.

The red sole explains that the sole is very beautiful but we just put our foot on the floor. because everything is already bad. It’s all right. It’s easy to walk in with a semi-square. I said the word is correct because I know I say a lot of nonsense here but I think it’s a casual pattern that might not work.

For me, I wouldn’t use it for walking so much because I’m not used to wearing heels. But for eating, to meet, to spend a few hours with it. it’s a place, well, calm down. Go, I feel. That wouldn’t be right. so I wanted to show you this model because I think it’s as good as Kochi. In a special way, they are not going out of style, they are great shoes.

Standard shoes and I already feel like I have both extremes

one is that maybe a little more sex before the second blog position with a touch as well as a military-style, like That I say, I don’t know, I’ll say yes to you, maybe you are some of the girls who use this model because they are more classic or if they like the style that might make them look a little younger, I just I wanted to leave you here, saying that

Opinion and well, in some ways, I suggest what I have and what I think, well, it’s worth it to you. It’s worth it to you, well, as you’re in the collection. I hope you liked this blog of Siemens, let’s see below, and what did you think? Why don’t you like that you write me this is the way we have to communicate. And I have nothing here and I say goodbye to you in the next blog.

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