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Hi. I’m Adnan Shahzad Chand, I’m the founder of Optical Center Store. Today, gentlemen, I’ve got a question for you.

Should a man wear a bracelet?

Bracelets Go ahead and let me know down the comments below.

I would love to hear from you Gucci what your opinion is. Now I’m, going to give you five reasons why you should consider wearing a bracelet, especially if you’re a man that doesn’t and I’m in that camp.

So on a daily basis. I do not wear bracelets

I grew up. Conservative West Texas, where you do not wear a bracelet, otherwise yeah you’re just going to – people are just going to look at you just very, very strange. , But over the last twenty years, I’ve had the privilege to travel the world to be able to see some amazing things and I’ve developed friendships with men that are running amazing companies.

You should try it look at what we’re – and I see this Gucci is very amazing companies they’re taking two very different approaches. . Let me show you: this is what Carlos has over at the Collaterals, and this can actually be worn.

I’ve seen pictures of men with suits wearing Gucci Bracelets

I’ve seen pictures of men with suits wearing this and I’ll talk about how they’re doing that. And then Gucci Bracelets and his partner they’ve been building this in Colorado hand-made.

But the point is, is I normally wouldn’t wear bracelets? I wouldn’t have considered them. And these five points I’m about to share with you. Hopefully, they get you thinking about it, and I love for us to have a constructive. You know conversation about this down the comments. And, if you decide to purchase from those companies, go check out the comments.

I’m going to give you Gucci some discount codes

I’m going to give you Gucci some discount codes so that you can get a great deal when you decide or if you decide to start wearing a bracelet. All right so the number one reason why maybe you would want to consider starting wearing – to start to wear a bracelet is it’s a great conversation.

We pass people all the time we, you know everyone almost looks the same, but if you’re wearing a bracelet, especially on an occasion, maybe it’s, formal and you’ve got something just attracts a bit of attention. And not necessarily in a bad way or maybe you’re on the beach and you don’t really have much else in style, you don’t want to wear a watch, and this is something that allows you to talk and to be open with another person and to who knows where this could go.

It could be the start of a beautiful relationship

It could be the start of a beautiful relationship. Maybe it’s that woman that you’ve wanted to be engaged with, and she just asked you: where did you get that from And you’re able to tell her about your appreciation? For you know, artistry, and you know hand-made things or it’s, a business acquaintance.

How is it practical let’s?

Look at ID, bracelets let’s look at health, bracelets let’s. Look at the Gucci bracelet.

If you’re going off and you’re getting – you’re, jumping out of a C130 and into the woods of Alaska, or I don’t know wherever you’re going. It may be something that hey just having that Gucci bracelet is useful. , But for some men, it is a – it’s, practicality.

So on to point number three wealth and status. So it has been shown when people look at others with jewelry there’s an instant trigger in the back of their mind that this person has a bit of money.

Gucci Bracelets wearing Symbol

Jewelry and gold over in China and other parts of India is a clear sign that this person is well. So yeah we’ve tried to push down that there aren’t classes and divisions of people, but in other parts of the world it isn’t always that clear.

And even here in the United States, when we see someone driving a BMW, we see somebody driving you to know a Mercedes we have something: oh, that person has to be pretty successful. When we see them or you know, they’re living off credit card debt. But in any case, you don’t have that when you’re walking into Starbucks and you’re talking to somebody.

But if we see that they wear a little bit of jewelry oftentimes, you could be something hmm. This person is a little bit different. , So let’s get into point number four special meaning and perhaps signifying your culture.

I was talking about and we’ve seen some of the Gucci bracelets out there, perhaps that’s something that comes out of your culture

I don’t actually know so much about his background, but it may – I know, for him. Wearing jewelry was something that was a bit more common. And where – wherever you’re from the world, whether it’d be the Middle East, whether it’d be Northern Africa, maybe it’s parts of India, maybe jewelry wearing and bracelets, are a part of your culture, and you want to bring That into your normal dress.

Point number five you actually like it. Now there was a gentleman that actually came out to our Style Con event.

He purchased a bracelet from Gucci Bracelets and I saw him leave — Mike. You know who you are, and he left a comment. , And this is a – this a marine veteran and he says he just loves the bracelet, how it reminds him of something so it has meaning.

But how he just started to love, actually the attention he got And how he felt wearing it, and so he wears it now with pride and people come up and start to talk to him about the bracelet. . So he wears it because he likes it.

What do you think of those five points, and I would love to hear from you in the comments about the two companies that I talked about wearing bracelets in general. ? Take care. See you in the next blog.