How to Choose the Right Frame Size feat. The 2022 Gucci Glasses Collection

When you’re looking for new glasses one of the hardest aspects of it is knowing the difference between what isn’t the right style for you and what simply isn’t the right fit for you. Often the two can become very confused. what I mean by that is that if you’re choosing a new pair of glasses and you want to go for a bigger bolder style.

How do you know if they are too big?

Just the right size for that particular look well in this blog. I’m going to clear all that up for you and I’m going to do that by showcasing some of the new styles from the Gucci men’s glasses collection. We’re going to use those as examples of different shapes and how those different shapes should fit your face.

I’m Adnan style and vision consultant here at the spectacle factory. It’s my job to pair you with your perfect glasses. Now one of the fundamental things to consider is that the shape of glasses that you’re going to try on or the shape of glasses that you want to choose is going to have a huge impact on how big those glasses should be. I’m going to show you an example now as a general rule round glasses.

This should fit within the confines of the face

This should fit within the confines of the face. So, these should not be coming wider than my face so with a round frame this is actually the perfect fit for me. It could even go a little bit smaller than this but it definitely shouldn’t be much bigger. You can see that there’s a very little gap here between the width of my face. The frames compare that to a rectangle and a rectangular frame is almost the opposite this should always come past the face because that’s just kind of the proportions of a rectangular shape. so expect it to feel a little bit wider and maybe it’ll be a slightly looser fit than you would choose with a round pair now for me personally and certainly.

When you look at the trends over the last couple of years

I think we should be moving away from rectangular shapes nowadays. If you want that kind of more boxy look if you don’t want round glasses. The way to go is with an oversized square shape this is a perfect example and this is one of my favorite frames from within the Gucci glasses collection. It is not that little bit wider than my Face but it balances that proportion with being deeper as well. This is a much more on-trend much more modern look if you’re a guy shopping for glasses at the moment. I particularly like this model the coloration because it’s a semi-transparent color. We’ve seen that with a few pieces within the Gucci collection. although it’s quite chunky quite a bold frame it’s actually quite a lightweight.

Material as well it feels very comfortable to wear

Material as well it feels very comfortable to wear this frame before we move on I’m going to compare that back to the round pair that I tried on earlier. What you’ll find with a lot of round glasses is that they’ll have a keyhole bridge. now choosing the right width for your nose is one of the hardest bits about choosing the right size of your glasses and with Most bridges.

what you want to be looking for is that there’s no gap particularly at the top here but the exception to that is when you get a keyhole bridge like this this is designed to have the gap. this is generally going to fit a slightly wider nose as I have but I do love this new round eye from Gucci it’s a very classic style.

Your average round pair of glasses namely the way that the Gucci glasses logo

That is unique as such but there’s just a little bit of attention to detail in it that makes it nicer than your average round pair of glasses namely. The way that the Gucci glasses logo was shaped on the arm of that keyhole bridge that I mentioned. the fact that it’s a little bit squared off at the top and the bottom makes it not overly circular not overly round for most people. So with this frame what you’re going to get is a very refined relatively subtle look that’s still on-trend and compare that to the other end of the spectrum with this piece from the gold decor collection. this is very maximalist this is the opposite of that round eye that I showed you so as you can see immediately you’re struck by how much bigger it looks.

And it probably looks slightly wrong on my face having just gone from those round frames

It probably looks slightly wrong on my face having just gone from those round frames. If you try to pair on like this and they feel a bit too big please don’t be put off because that is how they’re going to feel. At first but kind of as you wear them especially as you get used to them over the first few days of having them you’ll start to realize that actually.

Look it’s meant to be a little bit bigger than your face. You shouldn’t be choosing a frame like this that’s any smaller than this really. There’s a lot to be said for that I mean it’s not everybody’s style but if you want glasses which are really impactful really fashionable um, particularly in 2022. This is the style that or this is one of the styles you should definitely be looking at but even better than this one is my personal favorite. Because I love shapes that are unique and this shape is quite different compared to virtually all of the frame shapes that we’re seeing at the moment, particularly in the way. that it actually tapers outwards and that’s very unusual.

You’ll notice that with this frame for example and especially with the round ones the bottom part of the frame. Actually tapers inwards and that’s generally what you see with most glasses but this is the opposite of that and proportionally again it probably looks wrong the first time you put it on. I promise if you have the confidence to stick with it this can become a really iconic look for you or for anyone who wants glasses. Which are super on-trend and a little bit out of the box which for me is exactly what I look for in a pair of glasses. Something that’s that you’re not going to see on all of the faces again we’s got that semi-transparent color. This time in an olive green which I think is beautiful and that’s paired with silver.

Detailing on the inside of the arms this is a really classy

Detailing on the inside of the arms this is a really classy piece in my opinion. Although it’s the hardest to wear out of the five it’s probably my favorite so hope that’s given you a bit of a clear direction. The next time you’re choosing glasses on kind of how to choose the shape in relation to the size. How to choose the size in relation to the shape. Whichever way you want to look at it one particular mistake that I see a lot of people make. Are they’ll actually look at the dimensions of the frame and that is definitely the wrong way to do it.

So for example on the inside of the arm on this frame, it’s written 5518 and what that represents is the width of the lens and the width of the bridge well no not the width of the bridge. The distance between the two lenses and that’s a really key important distinction because in this bridge the thickness of this material could be different. That wouldn’t change the number that you see on the frames and moreover the number that designates. The width of the lens has absolutely no bearing on the overall width of the glasses that could be completely different. So when you’re looking for a frame-like.

This and when you’re looking for a frame

This and when you’re looking for a frame like this you should be looking for completely different sizes. I know that might blow your mind you might think there is one size that is right for you. That’s definitely not true and a good optician is going to be able to give you the perfect advice for choosing the right size. for the style that you have in mind. So I hope you’ve really enjoyed it. this one if you’ve got any questions please leave them in the comments section below. Please like and subscribe because it really helps our blog grow and a lot of work goes into producing. These blogs and I’ll see you in the next one. Thanks, guy’s bye.