Louis Vuitton Boots:

Hello everybody once again welcomes back and thank you for seeing another of my Blog. I’m going to showcase some shoes from Louis and let’s go ahead and take them out of the box. I have actually been wanting this pair of shoes. But before I Sale I was doing some comparison. Other designer boots are Chanel and also Gucci shoes. I try them all the boots and to be honest this one was the most comfortable for me. we have shoelaces and let’s take a look at the boots. I decided to sell here you go this is one side and the other side takes out the other. one so this shoe is called the wonderland ranger

Information Of Boots:

This shoe is made out of plain calf leather insole and a rubber outsole. So here you go here’s a little information on the boots right here. So this is the rubber and this one’s half the strap where you kind of flip the b the gold lv. Hardware and this is something you can do to remove the strap if you want to from the shoe go ahead and remove it. So I can go ahead and see you a little bit of the inside of the shoe. This leather is very soft and the boot is very comfortable itself. This is an extra insole that the cells associate provided me for the reason that. This is the inside I took a pair of socks to try on the boots to see how they felt. If they were comfortable and if the size I needed to go up half a size or one size. So I decided to take my pair of socks and also a pair of nylons to check

Comfortable Louis Vuitton Boots:

It’s out to see how the shoe would fit. So they had this shoe has the gold eyelets and like. I said it also has the lv initials on the straps. So when I tried on this boot. I tried it on with both socks and nylon and they were very comfortable with both I did go up one size. Because they’re very tight from the sides from right here. The sides were kind of tight the cells associated with it would kind of like stretch. But if this shoe feels uncomfortable for me. when trying them on it’s going to take a while for it to get comfortable and some do some don’t. I didn’t want to risk it so I tried on this a size

Size of Boots:

Different Sizes Are Available In opticalcenter.store. Actually 37 37 and a half and um. I wear it here in size 37 and a half. I wear six and a half I tried on the six and a half it was very tight. I tried on the six and a half it gave me a little bit more space but if I wanted to put them on with jeans and. The socks it was going to be a little bit tight so I decided to try on the 37 and a half and. I liked how it gave me a little bit more space on the side lengthwise. It was kind of the same as it didn’t change much but on the width. It did give me a little bit more room um for me to decide to wear socks if I wanted to

Compare With Other Brands:

Insoles for me so it comes in handy you can actually. if the associates don’t um suggest. feel free to ask them if they can provide you with some extra insults and they would provide them for you so um. So it kind of felt uncomfortable for me since. Louis Vuitton for me goes well with both youth and middle age any kind of age depending on how you style it. But this is my boot and the Good price on this boot. like probably two years ago if I’m not mistaken. Now they do have another design for me that design was nice too it was a little bit higher

Best Boots:

Also, it didn’t have the gold uh hardware it had more like a stamped engraved lv kind of gave it the style. Like the martins the shoes so they look also kind of useful for me. This is also another reason why I decided to go for this design as well before they discontinue it. I had to get them but um hope this information. Helpful to you and if you’re looking for some winter shoes this is the shoe for you hope you like the Blog