Hello, guys welcome back to my Website it’s been a couple of weeks. Since I filmed a blog the first thing that usually gets put on the Websites. Because it’s like a full setup does the blog edit the blog get the blog up. But today is going to be another um designer review you guys know by now if you’re not new here. But if you are new here I love doing reviews for more expensive items because. I’m not someone that has all the money in the world. I do not go and buy an item and charge it to a card or have cash sitting around I always save up my money. Or something gifted because my family knows that I do love splurge-worthy items is what. I like to call it and I don’t go buy everything I make sure it’s items that um are useful and. I’m actually going to get used out of like I wouldn’t go by I don’t know I can’t even think of something random um


Because that’s to me that’s not worth it don’t have all the money in the world. But I do like using things that are going to be everyday staple pieces or items. I use it a lot and it was and my friend gifted me with this Louis Vuitton bracelet. and I love it so I wanted to do a review on this um this retails for. I’m not sure if I knew it was something that I liked and wanted my Friend had gotten hers. and bought herself one um months ago and I loved it and I thought it was super cute and dainty. I love um I want something that I could wear like this all the time like my Cartier ring-like. I almost never take this off the bracelet


Like if I’m going to be super like full-body wet but other than that I leave it on and um so. I kind of wanted to show you guys a little bit more about the bracelet. I actually have no idea what size I got um I know it comes in sizes it’s like 15 17 19. I got the 17 which is the same size as my Friend. got and my wrist is very small and all sizes are available in


it’s not too tight it’s not too loose it is perfect so when. I woke up in the morning this was the gift that he handed me um and this is the Louis Vuitton box that came in. I love the Louis Vuitton items then um this is all that it came with again he went and picked it up a couple. but this is the little card reader that has like the receipt please ignore the broken finger. this is the bag this is the bow on it the bags the box. I love keeping things like this I never throw away any of my stuff it’s expensive you’re also paying for the bag. the boxes and things like that and I love storing them so. I love this you could set this out on your desk. I’ll leave this in my closet and then it came in this little bag which most jewelry comes in little bag. like this, you can pull it tight and I don’t know if I’ll ever actually I guess if. I was traveling and not wearing this but I never plan on taking this off you can put it in. the little dust bag so I do put the bow back on it because


it’s cute it’s a little challenging to take on and off or not take off. but take on yourself but last night he was at work he’s actually working at 48 today for work. So he works two days in a row and when I got in the shower. I had to take it off and then put it back on myself so it comes with a little clip um right here and you don’t know if you guys can. See and you pinch it and it kind of pulls out and this is what it looks like it has the lv logo all over in the gold. and then throughout the band itself so this comes
a couple of different colors they have a men’s version of this as well so it’s like black. It also has the brown checkered which and I liked it and. Wanted it to show that it was Louis Vuitton so I wanted and liked the um the logo print. I was surprised by this I didn’t know I was getting it but my friend did send me like remember. this bracelet what do you think about it like do you like the one that matches your purse. so um yeah that is it I love it like I know that it’s there I can feel it. It if it moves but it’s not heavy it’s not like in the way it’s perfect I love it and I’m super excited with it and um I love that


Gift but that is beside the point I wanted to come on here and do a little bit of a review because. I love sharing these things with you um like there are some things that I know I am wanting to sell soon and
Because I like to know everything about the item before. I get in-store because sometimes people have different experiences with the item. or say they’re actually good for this so they’re actually not good for this um this or that type of thing. So again this is the Louis Vuitton bracelet. With the logo lv on it, not the checkered look so love it I hope you guys enjoyed this blog