How a head makes you feel is what a head is all about. I’m a luxury lover on an average income trying to be more mindful with my money today. I want to share my Louis Vuitton head collection with you and some tips and tricks. According to that subject because you know. I always try to get some more luxury for somewhat less of a price. An actual Louis Vuitton hat but you can make each head with a brim. Into one or at least give it the look of a Louis Vuitton head by adding a twill. it gives this little special touch to get more variety with your looks. I chose this leopard one that is quite decent and only has this pink little. Louis Vuitton lettering but of course. if you would have a bandeau with more Louis Vuitton monogram or print it would be even more obvious. the Louis Vuitton release come at around 200 to 210 dollars and of course, you can use them in
Many ways with a hat Louis Vuitton is offering elegant hats at the moment. LV hats you know what’s interesting in Germany we do have different words for hats. which are hooter and wintery knitted heads which are Mutsen. But if I’m not mistaken in English there are hats no matter what shape or material right. and caps for the more sporty ones and beanies. but beanies as heads as well right huh well whatever up to my next hat which is an actual Louis
Do this without a mirror but it is this brown 100 cashmere head with a pom-pom. and the Louis Vuitton monogram pattern and logo knitted in. I scored that head pre-loft in a set with a matching scarf and for both pieces together. I paid around 180 euros that’s about 200 and for 200. you would not even get one of these pieces brand new from Louis Vuitton
Louis Vuitton even has a hair tie which offers in the category of heads. So savvy hack number two Czech preloved sites for designer hats. The most wanted the most popular items out there and that’s why you can score great deals. and save a lot compared to buying new another little bonus tip watch out for sets. I have to take pictures later for you because. I’m not sure if it will pick up the pattern in this light so watch out for sets. Louis Vuitton is selling these items in a set but some people bought matching items can be a scarf and a head. Or a scarf and gloves and then they do sell them on as a set and oftentimes that’s a way to save even more as a pre-loft buyer. I’ve been very lucky with that set because each of these pieces is already worth way more than that. what I paid for both of them together and my second. The actual Louis Vuitton head looks very plain it’s mohair wool and silk. I scored it pre-loved as well for 116 euro which is around about 130 and it might not look. like the greatest deal considering it’s a plain hat. But it came with this little brute attached and even though this is but. I don’t regret getting it anyways for 116 euros it’s so worth it to me I love the brooch and that’s another great


Hack to turn every hat into a designer head by adding designer brooches you can do it. with Louis Vuitton or especially blog is amazing to do so and you elevate the look of each head into a designer head. The last hat in my Louis Vuitton collection is this rose wool and Kashmir. Bret is a pre-loft find as well for an incredible 80 euro. It has this little Louis Vuitton label on the back. this hat was good for me that’s why all the labels are still attached the buyer didn’t prevent many shots. I will put it on for you I don’t know this beret is quite huge. and somewhat shaped or is it me no it’s huge so I like it on me so here’s one of


The benefit of shopping online pre-loft for designer hats, of course. They could turn out the same as you have expected and suit you at all, in this case. It has been a good price so I don’t mind too much I plan to sell it and. I will even earn something back on it um actually right now I have a person interested in that piece. I have to send her some more mugshots. so I can make a little profit when selling it which could put into another pre-loved Louis Vuitton head. for my collection or saved but for now. that’s it with my Louis Vuitton head collection and my little tips and tricks. which one has been your favorite oh, and let me. Know if you would in seeing my complete head collection. Louis Vuitton if I remember I have any other designer hats. but I do have a lot of heads in general so that’s something you would like to read as well. Thank you so much for reading hope to see you next time.