Hello, gorgeous welcome back to mine. The Heels I have another designer review today and today I’m talking about. Louis Vuitton. Asked if I had any Louis Vuitton’s and what I thought about them so I’m going to tell you. The story about my shoes and if I like him keeps reading. Alright, so these shoes have a fun story to them. The first designer buys. So my first designer ownership. This was my gift from that and I was so excited about them because it was always. Red-bottom shoes I love them and me. Where we live we had a guest house it led upstairs in the guest house and it. Was a pair of Louis Vuitton’s not going to lie I?


I was a little bit like a womb but then I saw the shoes. That I was like huh that’s okay I got Lube batons Oh. Anyways he bought me my first pair of Louis Vuitton. I have stored these bad boys as if they came from the store as I have. Kept them like completely mint condition every time I wear them they go right. Back in the store I even kept the bow that came on them. Everything like loving them okay so don’t even keep them in their bag I keep them. With the stuff in them, these are the traditional black pumps with Juanita. He got him from Saks there the Pagane plateau and let’s see back there the. 120s which is the height of the heel with the. The combination of this little platform is not much of a platform.


Did you know that you can actually go? And get them repainted the bottoms when you get them messed up I don’t. Care about that I care about this is what I want to stay read because of lets. To be honest, when you’re standing there you want the red to show so these are Like. my very proud to own these I treat them as if they are gold because. They are to me I love them so much they’re the only pair of Louis Vuitton. That I own and I love them so much so here’s the thing he bought me I am a. Size 7 shoe across the board in every pair of shoes that I wear like every. Single pair never anything but a 7 so when he got me a 37 which is a 7. European I never in a million years thought that I would wear anything other. Then a 37 well I tried them on and they were way too small so Louis Vuitton’s. Run small and these are actually a 37.5 so 37 and a half I could go up. To a 38 which is so shocking because. Like I said I never wear anything but a. Size 7 now 38 is a size 8 so they do run small so if you are going to check into it. Getting yourself a pair of Louis Vuitton’s make sure that you try them on first. Because you never know your feet won’t run that way with mine. Definitely, I love these shoes so much I’ve worn them only a couple of. Times on my blog I don’t wear them very often because they’re very. Comfortable I could say that they’re comfortable. you know what I mean it is and so. I wear them for special occasions only pain is beauty is pain anyways. This I would suggest getting them stretched did you know. Shoe guy a cobbler one time to like one of my friends look like a cobbler like. What are you talking about like a pie no?


but anyways these are my Louis Vuitton’s and do not regret them I love them. Then they sit in my closet in mine. Louis Vuitton’s shoebox and I have them on. because I’m so proud of them and. I keep them perfect and if ever these get scratched on here I will. Do not hesitate to get them painted up and keep them nice looking on the bottoms. Mean like the bottoms the second that you wear them outside this is this is. Jacked up like that’s how it is so ever count on getting a pair of. Louis Vuitton’s and keeping these part this part red it’s not going to happen. Unless you wear it only in the house even then it’s going to get. Scratched up but anyways I love them I love Matt for buying them for me seven. Pretty darn good I’ve worn them like what somewhere between. Five to ten times but I love them so much so I hope you guys enjoyed this. blog Leave a comment for me below if there are any other designer things that.
I can Make a new Louis Vuitton buy while I was in New York so I could share that. you guys do a little visit my website you will also don’t forget to visit. I on my blog Angelo Later calm alright guys thank you so much for reading I Love you all so much