This blog is brought to you by skill share, which feels welcome back to the. So it’s one of the times here in the states: it’s cold, it’s brick! We all know that and there are a lot of essential items. You guys need to keep yourself warm and cozy in parkas leather. jackets, thermals coats bombers, and all that, but we all have our own tastes and Preferences. Some people are goon nay like one style, some people are goon Na like another style. but there is, but, one cold boy essential that everyone can get behind. and that functions in all aspects of men’s fashion, and that is the hoodie. So today I’m going to be talking to you guys about the top five hoodies for streetwear outfits. all right, so the first hoodie that I’m going to suggest is what. a lot of style influencers are going to recommend That fit. Hoodie can’t go wrong with that right. Well, that is because a lot of traditional men’s fashion fitted clothes. We’re talking streetwear hair and you guys might be thinking. hmm, fitted and streetwear.
They don’t go together and, yes, I agree. I am 100 behind that statement, but sometimes you’re goon a need one for those thinner. jackets and coats, see whenever you guys wear a nice thick Oversized hoodie with a thin jacket. and you start to look like our boy over here from Michelin. It’s not a very good look, but I’d say. this is the only good reason to wear a fitted hoodie with a traditional streetwear outfit.
I know what you guys are thinking when I say fitted hoodie. I’m talking about a more slim, fit hoodie, don’t get any skin-tight one, that’s a little bit too much. for working out, but even then hypocrite, but anyways. What I also like Doing is dressing down a more formal fit. , I like to throw on a fitted hoodie under an overcoat. it actually looks good. because you’re pulling from different aesthetics and making them complement each other now. Does that make this a streetwear fit? not, but its 2020 fashion is all about fun. Experimentation. mixing different aspects of certain styles to make it your own personal style. The next hoodie up for recommendations is what a lot of others. fashionistas would recommend and those are neutral. colored hoodies olive black gray, cream sand. All these colors are awesome. The sand, one from all saints, has been one of my most worn pieces because. I can throw it under pretty much any jacket, and its color blocks very well as all neutral colors should do. but not only that it’s also great to wear on its own Basics are great and versatile. and that’s why Everyone recommends it.
But, I am going to recommend one type of wash that gives off this chill vibe and works well with pretty much any color. and that is the vintage wash hoodie. So it’s not black or your normal gray color. It has this faded type of look that looks great. especially when styling it with black or the monochromatic color-blocking aesthetic. If you guys couldn’t tell already, I am a huge fan of LV garments, but Also. and this is my personal opinion – what do I know about fashion – I’m a big fan of light gray. You know that type of material, that’s on hoodies sweatpants, and all that I’m a fan of that. Yet vintage dark wash gray is my jam. I love it as much as my cargo pants. I need some help. It adds this nice breaking color whenever you’re styling it. If you’re like me, black denim is your best friend. and black blends well For a seamless silhouette and your traditional light. grey sweats or hoodie, it’s to contrast, but a nice vintage wash garment. has this. You know almost like a gradient transition and looks awesome next up we’re goon a flip. the script and go direct opposite from the first one, and that is an oversized hoodie.
But there is a reason, and that is because you can style it a lot more than the traditional fitted one. I mean If you’re not yoked fitted, hoodies, look meh plain and boring, but an oversized hoodie, and – and this is my opinion. it looks great on everybody to type my favorite aspect of oversized. hoodies are that you can play with the sizing and the proportions of your fit. don’t overshoot it where you look like the girlfriend that takes your hoodie check this out. classic simple. fit that pretty much any guy can rock and look good in an oversized hoodie. Skinny denim, and a pair of Jordan once this look never gets old. The skinny pants contrast the sizing of the hoodie, the hoodie gives off this chill cozy relaxed vibe. and the jay is a classic sneaker that beloves and has a lot of history and culture behind it. Now imagine it with a fitted hoodie. No! No! Why would you do that see the first-ever hoodies produced by a Well-known company today? and that was champion and the main purpose for this design was for their athletes to train more coziness. And what do you guys associate with the cozy vibes oversized? Even go back a long time ago, monks had hoodies. So, for the same amount of money, you can switch up your aesthetic by going up a size or two or you can look for pieces. where the design means to be boxier and more relaxed. The bang for the buck is real here. If you guys are trying to switch it up for 2020, why not try an oversized hoodie? Next up, we have a graphic hoodie now.
This is pretty self-explanatory. Brands that you like designs that you like, but all that can be quiet. Like what a lot of people wear, there’s nothing wrong with that. But there isn’t a better way to express your personal style than picking up a piece. that describes you and your interests. So I picked this hoodie up from the LV bad store that opened here in Albuquerque but yeah. This is up to you. a graphic hoodie is a staple it expresses. who you are because you’re exchanging your own money for that piece. and you’re rocking it for everyone to see. So you should make sure it’s something that you actually like. and not some random one from a fast fashion store that has a random word on and also not a hyped item. because it’s hyped make sure it suits you. Last but not least, is a colored hoodie. now Color hoodies are awesome because it’s a great way to add a pop of color to the fit while staying warm and cozy? You could wear it underneath the jacket or by itself and use accessories to color block the rest of the fit.
I’m also talking about the color-blocked ones. I don’t own any color-blocked ones, but I do think it’s a great way to switch up your fits. It can hold itself on Its own whenever you’re rocking a simple fit. whichever one you pick, I do think it’s a great switch up from your traditional, neutral. colored hoodies, and it’s definitely going to spice up your outfit. If your color blocks, I’ve also got bonus hoodies for you guys and those are zip-up hoodies. it’s not for me, but it does look great on other people. I’d rather wear a regular jacket instead of a zipper putty. plus throwing on a zip-up hoodie underneath the jacket looks too great. because it bunches up around the midsection. But, I do think it looks good with the grunge aesthetic. but that’s up to you so now that you guys know what options you guys have for hoodies. I’m talking thousands upon thousands of classes that offer real-life skills. that’ll help you out in the real world. You know adulating something we all have to do, whether you like it or not. They offer a ton of classes in business, photography, and graphic design. all of which are definitely going to help.
Once again thank you for reading this blog. Alright, fellas, I hope you guys found this blog helpful. Let me know what your favorite hoodie