Today my topic is Louis Vuitton Jackets. Jacket for you to own what is the best style or what are some good trending styles that are trending today. and what is the best bang for your buck when it comes down to picking up a winter jacket? So the first jacket I’m going to be discussing is this Louis Vuitton. I have right here if any of you already know about like designer brands. or high-end brands or name brands or any brand that has a name to it whether. it’s uh good or bad you guys already have heard of the USA it’s super popular in us. In the USA one in every three people has this jacket you will see people walking around with that patch. it’s like an army of people wherever you go but with a good jacket. if you’re looking for something that is warm but not too warm depending on which style you go with you. can definitely pick out a stylish and warm jacket but without further ado let’s throw this on the body


Arms but the fit for me is a good size uh in this jacket it’s not too puffy. but it’s puffy enough to the point where it doesn’t look too slimming if that makes sense. but a great fit uh slims all throughout the arms which. I love that if you’re going to wear a Louis Vuitton you’re going to have that traditional Louis Vuitton. patch and you’re also going to have. Louis Vuitton is on there as well which is stylish. I love the Louis Vuitton Jackets regardless of what other people would say. so this is what the jacket looks like unzipped and zipping this guy up right here looks about. like that and with this jacket, you can definitely layer a hoodie underneath if it’s cold out


happy and I appreciate that so much but again picking up any Louis Vuitton jacket. you’re looking to spend about I would say 700 to even upwards to about 1200 depending on which style you pick out. so it’s definitely not the most jacket but I mean if you have the money you’re willing to spend. it would definitely last you a long time assuming you’re taking good care of it and I mean if you like the style and you’re. Willing to pay the price then it’s definitely. a problem getting into another jacket option. this is actually made by the brand Louis Vuitton manufacturer and I do own it is an LV style jacket. As well as you guys can already tell it’s a similar style or almost the same exact style as my Louis Vuitton jacket. when it comes down to like the sleeve length and things. like that this one’s a bit more slimming than my Louis Vuitton jacket. but my Louis Vuitton does fit a lot better it’s a lot snugger right here so there’s like limited airflow between. so you’re less likely to get cold but keeping you warm this jacket definitely does a


It can still withstand between 20 and minus 30 without layering anything underneath. and if you did want to layer anything underneath you definitely could. you may get a little warm though depending on what climate you are in so. I would suggest only layering something underneath if it is cold in your current climate. so now we’re going to zip this jacket up and show you guys how it looks. but I mean it’s puffy enough to keep you warm and to have like a normal look the last thing you. like that and you could zip it up all the way close it up and look. like Kenny from the south park but I mean that would keep you a lot warmer and if you’re in a windy climate. I mean yeah that shows you like how limited some stuff can be but. like at this point it’s pretty oversaturated and you shouldn’t. have too much of a problem finding a brand-name jacket


Throwing a hoodie underneath a traditional jacket. whether it be a coat or a thicker windbreaker a Louis Vuitton jacket or anything along those lines. so once again if you live in a climate that doesn’t get too cold meaning it gets down to like. zero to plus five then you can definitely get with layering a hoodie. underneath a jacket like that alright I hope you enjoyed this blog