Hi Guys, Today my blog topic is Louis Vuitton Pants open it up, and here it comes to look at this beauty in another bag. I’m so freaking hyped I am so hyped it’s only a one-piece look. what’s here another bag I should make like um a review about. the bags at least it’s packed that’s better than yeah and they pack it good and yeah you get all the stuff. I got these jeans from uh Louis Vuitton checked out his upon you and it was this is a very good product. I like it very much. LV collection okay what should. I say okay here it’s fit I care it says movie tour it says test size. I bought by the way the biggest size the 36 big man my stats are I’m 80 roundabout


This is oh this is the nice look it’s is it stitched look no something like that. holy the front that says Lewis back the toe this one looks also very nice. I mean this one I don’t care because there are some batches where this one is not so hundred percent. Quick but I don’t care to wear a belt and that’s it then you wear a tee over it nobody cares oh here you. okay you access the bags here okay but it’s stitched this looks amazing here. we have also the lv here uh by the way I buy it with dahl. This is yeah made in Italy okay well what must we say. so but but but and they look fire I mean this is like awesome yeah like all like. what I said here all the so this is this stitched into if you can see it like here or here so it doesn’t go off very


I have an idea how I watch this I have an idea of where you like it. I said all the Louis Vuitton on everyone even on this one for example. which is for the back on the back pocket even on the back pocket you have like a Louis Vuitton. if you can see it but yeah here you have also the lv fire pants I have an idea where I can wear them because they are like. Jeans you can also mix and match that with pretty much any outfit that you. have in your closet so you’re going to get a lot of bangs


Smart pants and this is the first time that. I’m actually mentioning anything like this on this blog. which is exciting to me because it means that fashion is moving forward right these have more of a relaxed fit. they have a loose cut they’re regularly on the waist here so they’re not gonna be baggy. on you all right you’re not gonna be having to pull them up. The outfit that you’re gonna wear outside, that’s how it’s worked out for me but. I’m completely okay with that because trust me I want to wear them at home when. I’m doing nothing or even when I’m working sitting around they’re so so comfortable
This is to thank you guys so much for reading and I’ll see you again for more blogs very very soon peace