Hi, guys welcome back to my blog today. I’ll be sharing with you and reviewing my entire Louis Vuitton perfume collection. Travel size versus full size what’s the deal they’re so not expensive are they worth it? And why do I have seven of today’s blogs I’m going to be running through with you the different aspects? From travel size to full size the personalization. Price the delivery fee and the different fragrances. I have shared with you my thoughts and my perspective. Which ones are my favorite they’re all my favorites that’s why? I have more to share with you can I hold them all without smashing them this looks like a fun game. To play that’s a terrible thumbnail these are my fragrances there’s one near the bosom uh. These are my more fragrances as you can see


More regular-sized bottles now retail for Australian weather. You find yourself getting a travel size or a full size they are both regardless of the price. I found myself buying these ones first I’ve now transferred over to these in the beginning. I thought for like this little are you out of your mind it’s ridiculous no way um but I’m going to share with you. Size and why I prefer it so dollars is a large expensive pill to swallow. But Louis Vuitton Perfume is now my favorite perfume first up what? I want to say that these bottles are refillable um which does kind of knock back the price. A touch you know you’re not paying for the excess bottle you refill the bottle you can personalize them. With your initials, I have personalized any of my Louis Vuitton


But you have not had a chance to go in-store to smell them when you order online and your delivery of the perfume. Comes you also get two or three little mini-size samples of the perfume so that then you can try it and if you don’t like it. You can send the perfume back and get a refund so you don’t have to worry about you know. Buying this expensive perfume and then getting it. That many samples they’re very generous with their samples. So don’t be afraid to ask so for anyone who gets off on packaging. I’m going to run through a little bit about the packaging if you don’t enjoy this part by all means skip ahead. But the perfumes come in this little box they’re packed here and they come in this particular box. The travel ones come with more kinds of like vial cartridge refill things. So small so compact and easy to travel with not only overseas or interstate. But also on a daily basis for the longest time, I was using little samples and I’d keep them in my bag. I still do but they’ll run out there’s quite a lot in there you get quite a lot in there though. But I love the idea of having my fragrances more compact and easier to travel.


The theme here I’m talking about is a lot of travel plans on doing more extended trips. And I would want to carry fragrance with me I want to smell nice. Louis Vuitton perfumes are incredible it’s amazing but I still love to throughout the day. I love to smell fresh you never know who you’re going to meet and what situation you’re going to find yourself in. Especially during the summer months when I sweat a lot more um I like to refresh and spray a little bit of extra. Perfume throughout the day it’s usually once or twice depends how long. This is the first one I’m going to be sharing with you one has notes of mimosa jasmine rose balm of Peru sandalwood. And it’s got like a very musky undertone to me I purchased this. Because it’s such a light summer fragrance like it smells to me like a flower garden like this is what. I imagine a flower garden to smell like it’s very vibrant it’s very floral when. I smelt it I was like oh this is what I want to smell like in spring like this is this is amazing. And to be clear as well I’m very into muskiness I’m very into floral scents sweet floral is very much my vibe. I’m frolicking through a floral garden you know


This one was the first one that I ever bought it was the first one that. I ever fell in love with and it’s still oh it’s still one of my favorites like it is it’s like. Oh, it’s this subtle hint of coco it’s amazing. Its main notes are coco peony lychee patchouli and Turkish rose absolute. And a hint of ginger and bergamot that’s its main notes. Powerful enough and strong enough to be smelt by not only yourself but others it’s very light again. It’s smelling it I’m like oh hello summer and spring why does every? I don’t know why all my fragrances smell like flowers and remind me. Not a narcissist and amoretti kind of smells like a sweet pear it kind of smells like dessert but not. I tend to go for perfume but I love it so much as I love it.


In the comments down below which ones you may be interested in? I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments down below. I hope this blog was helpful to you if you’re looking for a new scent and you would like an LV fragrance. like I said now that I’ve seen Louis Vuitton fragrances baby I can’t I don’t know if I can go anywhere else. I’m all about Louis Vuitton fragrances they are my favorite designer fragrance. Yet feel free to join me over there thank you so much for being here in today’s blog.