A lot of people have been asking for a Slippers comparison blog so. I wanted to give you guys my thoughts on more different Slippers on the open market right now. and let you guys know which ones are the most comfortable and what is going on guys. TAS here Collective kicks common if you guys would like to shop this week’s top go from least comfortable. to most comfortable but I wanted to make this blog to let you guys know what I prefer on my feet for the Slippers we have. A lot of Slippers out there and you don’t wear Slippers 24/7 so I figured I’d show you guys easy ones. if you guys have suggestions for other Slippers that I’m not showing you guys in this blog leave a comment.


These Louis Vuitton Slippers fit me next up I am actually happy a deal it. Louis Vuitton Slippers and a lot of people are going to agree with me on this could be a people’s top of their list. but for me, the way that I slipper around in these makes this one that I’m going to wear in the. And I was anticipating these shoes for forever years now because this is something that. I’ve wanted to have to make it a reality, it’s executed as well as I would have liked. there’s a lot more traction on these than the other joints so. if you’re looking for something that has more of a firm feeling. and more structure than what they offer these are. It is definitely, something I’m going to be wearing it’s as comfortable as I anticipated but. that said I am looking forward to seeing what LV does in the future if they make some adjustments. and make comfortable slippers because I know they can do it. especially since they have so many other comfortable. slippers out here next up for the solar soft joints right


Soft and great on the feet I would say for slippers so these things are good on the feet. all in all, it’s good slippers in general on the feet and I’ve had these ones for years. And this is another pair that I bought because I wanted ones that look like slippers. and not like regular ones and these are the biggest surprise of the entire group I shouldn’t actually. be surprised because these remind me of the other light pairs of sneakers. I reviewed that are mega comfortable and in fact. I gave my pair away, I kind of wish I did because they were perfect for the beach and stuff the


Super soft and squishy on your feet you can feel it all the way through there’s a little button. on the bottom here there’s a lot of foundation and structure to the sandal. as well and all in all these things felt perfect size 9 is what I went with and they fit me fine which is interesting. because these are size 10. Otherwise, all sizes are available in louis vuitton. And you could see they look pretty much the same size so size 9 size 10 these to be perfect so. weird the sizing of everything and for the rest of the slippers out here I went with like a nine usually or nine and a half. if they had that option but usually slippers only offer full sizes but these ones were the out of the group. I was like okay whatever another pair of slippers to try and these ones might be my favorite ones out of


Louis Vuitton slippers these things are amazing on the feet the LV slippers are no joke.. if you’ve never tried them go to an LV store trust me to try them out you’ll surprise especially. if you guys like bounce and boost.
but thank you guys for stopping by and watching. And this was informative to you guys check my website. if you were trying to buy any of these slippers, and you have a good rest of the day peace guys