The best sneakers today I want to discuss sneakers. It’s my job to help you live a better life and feel Amazing. So if that sounds good to you. A major fashion trend at the moment right, Louis Vuitton style is in, but of course. Even Though these inspire by this, like Louis Vuitton style, they also have very modern lines. And the moment I saw these I knew I had to buy them besides, look great and match pretty much everything in my closet. They’re comfortable. So uh, actually they’re so comfortable that I wore them to my longest flights. Last year I went to London and both times I wore these. For those 10 to 12-hour flights,


I like how you can style them in so many different ways. Because I wear them all the time. Next up is one of my favorite colors of all time, the converse comes. Louis Vuitton is back with new colorways. I’m excited because this is one of the most popular shoes that you can get. I’m a huge fan of the high tops, as you can tell, but not so much of the low tops, but you have that option if you’re into them. Now I did mention that. Once you do that this here is going to pop up when you start shopping now it pops up. Now, let’s say I’m shopping for shoes. I like these Louis Vuitton sneakers, by the way, I do. And I Have those in white and then you can go to notify when, for example – and you can say any price change –


I always check LV to make sure and I’ll tell you what

Half the time there is a coupon. That saves me money, and this is also cool. If you go to the optical website, create your wish list.

Then you can always come back and see if there’s anything on your wish list. That is on sale or you can choose to notify when that goes on sale, extension, and start saving money. Now, with Louis Vuitton next up, this is the newest pair that I’ve added to the collection.

This one has an LV. I love the way that it looks it’s very like the off-white blazer mid, by the way. It’s a cool sneaker with loads of details.


They seem to be comfortable. These are real. It’s not a concept design or anything like that. And, judging by everyone’s very positive feedback in the comments. These are going to be hot this year, but Alex how in the world am I supposed to style these? I mean I Get. I get it. They’re they look a little funky right, but they’re actually pretty easy to wear into style. You can wear them with fitted jeans, skinny fitted. These are vans and I have two styles for you. First, the white slip-on vans. Now, these have.


So you can’t go wrong by getting a pair of these the same with the next shoe on the list, the old-school vans. These are also never going out of style. I mean they’re easy to mix and match to wear they’re very affordable. And I do think that every guy, especially teens or in their 20s, should have a pair of these in his closet.

I like the low top, but they also have the high top. If you’re into this next one on the list, the design – I don’t love it yet but the story. Ah man, it’s such a good story. You know the air force one’s Louis Vuitton, an off-white collaboration by Virgil. You know: Virgil went to a better place to rest in peace, but before doing that. He left us with the hottest release of 2022. And these are going to be very hot this year people are going to go crazy to get these

Thank you guys so much for reading.