Hi, Guys welcome to my blog. Today we are styling, different types of tights. I know it’s in the season, I loved the sequel. And I had all these tights laying around so I thought I would give it a go the first one is pattern tights. This is in like a row-shaped pattern. Next, one is very basic. Opaque tights love these tights there, so warm it’s, like wearing pants. And because they’re black and opaque. They go with everything. This will be everyone’s cup of tea, but tights, in general, aren’t everyone’s cup of tea. So I went with a leather skirt, a little bit of rocker II and then like toned it down with an LV jacket. This, like the slit, was doing for me and I needed a little extra Couple inches to cover me because. I wanted this to look like a good dress.


Louis Vuitton Tights This outfit is very 90s. Businesswoman next is another classic sheer tights love. This look like the trench coat and the white turtlenecks peeking out. It’s like very French, very Parisian, and then I was goon and pair with those white shoes, and I did. They look so good, like that. The tights, I’m wearing tights right, but you could see it. The pair of tights is a seam down the back. It adds a little touch of mystery. , they look so good in real life, under the lights like they look like a greenie like the weird orange color. But in real life, they are good and it’s very hard to find if that matches your skin tone. So be aware of that, for the next pair are these sock tights? You do not have to get stars on them. I had stars on mine and for the last pair, are these thigh-high illusion tights, which I love to like.


This time trying the Louis Vuitton logo sure. If you can see this logo in these patterns this is a Louis Vuitton and I bought this from Louis Vuitton Brand it took. Since it is my first time trying this designer logo that’s why. I said it’s going to be fun and I’ll be right back this also has the sign LV on the front and back. Like this okay how was that let’s see it’s soft it’s a good


The pattern looks cute the pattern is pretty clear. But with this Louis Vuitton logo, they have more success with the print or the make that logo. Yeah, it’s more happiness because if that is that logos print and very printed there should be more looks. Like designer things, some part of the logos has success wow that is the more. I bought several pairs from Louis Vuitton some panties look so cheap or some of them were like wow so soft. So fast times the logo is so cute and the sequence is so adorable. But the qualities suck and sometimes like this it’s um all average the logo print clear


But they’re soft so it’s average but the stitch is pretty good here’s a good thing stitch is pretty okay. Here at the end of your toes but this is reverse toe when you see this fabric that does look durable. Does look like a stronger reinforced toe well? It’s all reinforced top right what I was excited about with these tights was the pattern. So I expected that the pattern looks so cute or looks so good or looks like a little you know looks fancy. but the logo is so it’s how but might as well as I always say I’m always down to try something new. Louis Vuitton Recognize if someone’s mentioned that very cute. This is sponsored by only makers.

It’s too good you do see that logo success okay guys thanks for reading my blog today