Hi everyone welcome to my blog welcome back. Today we are going to be doing a review on the victory in wallet now. This is a wallet by Louis Vuitton it is a pretty compact wallet. But it’s also a little bit bigger than the average like say the Zoë wallet or a card case it is going to be a little bit bigger. Then that I found this to be the perfect-sized wallet. For me and if my bag but so yeah tipping is a big thing in LV so you always. I will put them somewhere on the screen so you guys can check that out it does feature a gold brass button. The first pro that I have is that it is compact this fits in all my bags and backpacks pretty. It’s not too big it fits in the toiletry twenty-six as well and it’s a great size it’s cute and carefree. Because there is no machete on here you don’t have to be too careful. When you’re using it you don’t have to worry about water marks or water stains or whatever. It’s pretty carefree there is no machete its treated leather


And then it has this leather here it has a leather tab here but I don’t find that it gets in the way. I kind of tuck it in and then close it like so that’s what it looks like and then like. I said there is no machete on here and you do get a taste of monogram so. If you guys have been wanting a monogrammed piece. But you don’t want the meet this is definitely. A great piece to get or you can get any other wallet that you know has monogrammed. Louis Vuitton, so that this is a great piece for that that it’s cool that you got to have a monogram piece. That’s carefree and you know it’s effortless like its classic another thing and that is cash. And coins and that is what I was looking for in a wallet and when. I did my research and I found this wallet I knew it was exactly.


Say it fits about six seven eight nine ten if it’s ten cards so you can put three on here. And I don’t use the middle one because I find that it’s hard to get the card out of when you are using it. I find that it’s a little difficult and I would rather not use it. You know and inside here it is fabric lining inside it’s not leather. It is the fabric between the centers of the cards so they can pull out. The US also wanted to mention that this is a sturdier LV compared to other monogrammed. Items and I say that it’s sturdier. A good shape but as for my wallet like my wallet has a thicker grain on it and you can see they are different colors. I’m not sure why each set of Louis Vuitton is different. But I don’t know if you guys can see the details but this is definitely a lot greener. Because it’s a wallet and it’s an item that is going to be used almost every single day


In a sense and then the wallet you’re always using you’re always opening it and closing it every time. You know and this is more of like a piece that creates to use daily. And you know it’s kind of like a habit because it’s so easy to open and close but. I definitely recommend getting in the habit of pulling. It is up from the button and by the way, this does feature a brass button I did mention. That earlier but it does have a brass button. The older versions did have a cream color that was the same as this one it was like a cream-colored button. And that button got worn so fast I saw so many older wallets the wallet is fine it’s been holding up pretty. I’m not sure but it is a good item and it has held up pretty well


This one is a little higher than this one like it looks a little crooked. If you guys can see that the first scale like this is coming up a lot higher than this side and like it. needs to lift up a little bit which is annoying and then the LV. will start to look like it’s not even straight so that is another one of the cons that I well I would consider. That these two stretches and then in here. I do like the pocket here because I find it pretty to be pretty useful. If you don’t want your cards to fall out or you’re scared of them falling out. When it’s closed like that then definitely stick them in one of these compartments. Because it is easy to take a card out if you need it yeah other than that. I love this wallet a lot and it definitely has been pretty

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Useful and I do want to mention that it is one piece of Louis Vuitton as you can see here. It is one piece of Louis Vuitton and then you have leather on the inside so that is everything that. I wanted to mention this wallet. I hope that you guys enjoyed my review. I hope that you guys found this helpful if you guys interested in purchasing. Wallet in stock as far as I can see you guys are able to touch it and feel it in your stores then. Definitely do that make sure you know not everyone is like touching it and feeling it and everything? Because you do want a piece that you know it has less as less ware as possible. So I recommend doing that and yeah I love this wallet will. I wanted to talk about I hope that you guys enjoyed this blog