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Prada Bracelet

Welcome to anthropology welcome to today’s blog. so today I’ll just be doing an unboxing of the purchase that I got from my recent shopping blog. so within that blog, I went to Prada. I had an appointment with my essay kami so if you’re in Vancouver and you like to shop at Prada go visit the altering store basically. I wasn’t allowed to film much of the store itself. but she allowed me to film a lot of the products of the new bracelet summer 22 collection. which includes a lot of the new stuff that was designed in collaboration with ralph Simmons as a co-creative director. so if you’re interested in seeing that shopping blog.
Visit Prada Store
I will Link it above and below so this wasn’t a very expected purchase. I basically went in because I wanted to visit the store to see the new collection. and also I haven’t shopped at a prod in a long time. so I wanted to see what their new stuff was. I saw a lot of the jewelry that they have is really really nice. and that is something that I will be unboxing for you shortly. I really wanted to get a feel of the new vibe that ralph Simmons was a bracelet in. there’s also a lot of stuff that’s in collaboration with another artist.
Prada Jewelry Box
I forget his name so without further ado let’s get into the unboxing. so classic Prada white bag I’ll I don’t want to undo that maybe we’ll open her up. so inside the receipt and the box itself. so here we have the box Obviously. so there’s a lot within this box. it’s not a traditional box from Prada. that opens like splits into this one opens up like this like a jewelry box. so I’ve purchased jewelry from Prada before this is my very first time. so I was new to the whole experience in the box comes their rid thing. a lot of brands have been doing this it’s to help authenticate items.
The new product range of jewelry
Super fakes have been a real big issue within the luxury community. so this new rid technology helps authenticate items as well. we have an authenticity card and we have a little booklet. so basically it says carefully selected original materials are combined. with the simple well-balanced lines to reflect the refined style of a new product range of jewelry. So, this is in 0.925 sterling silver. but it’s gold so inside there’s like a little box and here. we have the bracelets so here’s the bracelet so it’s the classic Prada triangle. but it’s raised. I got it to fit my pinky so essentially. this is what we have going on here. I really love it I think it’s very very cool very fun also comes with this little travel pouch.

Bracelet size

Is so cute open it up. but it’s just like a little place for like the bracelet to sleep. so it’s a gorgeous bracelet. I love it so much. I think the size is nine. so this is called the annelid in metallic logo jewels argent dorado. it’s a lot of Italian the original price was 7.75 plus tax after tax it was 868. but it is sterling silver and I believe I’ll have it for a long.


Time so they had another version of this bracelet that is silver and has the enamel black plaque. I was originally looking at getting that one. but it was 200 more so it was 9.95 and I figured since. I have all gold jewelry this was going to be a better addition to my current collection. I love it a lot I think it’s gorgeous it’s quite heavy.

Worried tarnishing

Because it’s like it’s not hollow it’s full and well. I guess it’s filled but it’s really really nice. I love it so much. I am worried about it tarnishing. but I feel like if I take care of it like. you do any sort of sterling silver jewelry. you know it shouldn’t tarnish. but I guess we’ll see how it goes so within the authenticity card oh it’s a paper one. so this is different.
Now it just says uh Prada altering May 8th, 2022. this product is granted a guarantee cove bracelet on all manufactured bracelet defects and it’s rid and it has a rid number. so this is interesting. I’ve never seen a paper one before. but basically, this is not too much to say. if you’re interested in seeing the shopping blog I’ll link down below.