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Prada Hat

Hi guys, and welcome back to my blog. welcome if you are new, my Website name is you can find me on Instagram under seamless and style. so if you follow me on Instagram you’ve seen these items. if you watch my 1st blog. you’ve also seen these items. if you haven’t done either of those things go ahead and poop and go do them. now um I’ll leave a card for my blog and then, of course. I always link um where my Instagram page is. so make sure you go and do those things. but without further ado um so we’re talking about products. today so I am obsessed so Prada has been on fire.
Other Brands
I Would say about the last two years um and at first. I thought it was a little bit of hype like Dior. we had some reissues the reissues come back like how. the new york saddlebag came back and we were all kind of on the fence. but I’m sold like Prada is killing it um they’re ready to wear their handbags and their accessories. it’s so simple and chic and true to their brand and likes.
The resurgence that we all know we needed um so one of these items is from my 2022 wish list and one of them is a sub that I said I wasn’t gonna get. but I did so if you watch that you know what I’m talking about. so let’s start off so the first item is the hat. so I went ahead and snagged this guy in white um the bucket hat.
Hats Size
This is a Size Medium. it comes in sizes of small medium and large. the larges are super hard to find um and then. it comes in a slew of different colors. so black and pink and the um they call it like a rose color. but it’s like khaki I forget the exact name of it um but those are the colors. that you see a lot all over the place um. but I wanted to go for white.
because I thought that it Was like I didn’t see a lot of people with white and then like. I don’t have a lot of like white accessories um and things like that. so I went with white um and I got a size medium. because like I said larges are hard to find. I did my measurements because I ordered I wasn’t able to try this one in-store. so I did my measurements at home and the medium um from what the measurements online were would be exact.
Fit and the large would just give me a little bit of wiggle room which. I do like the look of a little bit of wig room. but um I don’t need to be like you know Marilyn Monroe with a dress. I don’t need to be running down the street after a hat. so that’s not happening. but not the medium um and it’s a great fit. I wore it with braids I’ve worn.
Beautiful Hat
With a wig I’ve worn it with my hair slicked back and it fits with all those. scenarios and not be like throbbing like oh this hat is too tight. it fits um so it does have a little bit. it doesn’t have stretch in it. but it does have that little bit of giving um and then. it is a little dirty right. now I can see some dirt on the thread in the back. but for the most part. I’ve used a tie pen wet wipes um what do they call these spot-go wipes um and they work perfectly on both the bag and the hat. you know I’m sold I’m just gonna put it on for you. guys so like this is me just placing. it’s on and you can see there’s still space um and then if. I like snug it down. I don’t wanna get makeup on it. but I’d snug it down like it’s just like a cute little something.
Hat Price
Something like something cute um so yes obsessed with her um. if you’re thinking about it do it um she’s 4.95. so you know pricey for a hat. but not two I’m crazy and then like. she’s nylon I feel like this is just something that you can just take and have for years. and years to come like we know everything researches again. so I’m not um not afraid about longevity here.
Then I got the re-edition 2000 to go with it. I did not get the crossbody option. I just got the handheld option um if you like again. if you saw my 2022 wish list you saw that. I talked about um not really being a fan not being a fan. but not like it being my swagger because I am very much a crossbody girl. so you would think I would get the crossbody option. but I wanted to try something that was just a shoulder bag.
I’ve been seeing like you know shoulder bags are kind of making a resurgence. I wanted to see something that was more of a shoulder bag. it just fits right under your arm like you don’t have to worry about it. it never like falls off it’s not too tight. it’s not like right in my underarm but it’s like right there but it has a little bit of space between So much. like I’m gonna show you guys what fits in here but like. I don’t want any more mini bags. I forgot how nice it is to fit all the things you need into your handbag and again with.
Hat Color
I took some other bags with me and still always reiterated back to this. because I wear a lot of neutral white. And black um a nude and this kind of goes with everything and then even with like things that. I those rare occasions where I was wearing bright colors like pair it back with white. it was great to dress down and dress up. it is like the best thing ever um the same thing pen um wipes and like I can see like no dirt.
Anything I did not do before I left but once. I came back. I did go through with the type and like cleaning up any little spots. I saw from like makeup or just like any like food or anything that was on my hand or just dirt and then. I sprayed Scotchgard on it. so I would recommend doing that to both pieces as soon as. you get them um to help with getting any kind of like dirt.
Anything on it but we are going to up and then it comes with this little tassel that. you can take off um but it’s a keychain not using it. but it’s a little keychain tassel that you can um always take off and then. it has a leather tab otherwise that the bag is completely nylon um and then. it has a little um Prada triangle that has leather.