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Prada Heel

y’all can you see the real-life stuff you see took my braids out and got conditioner in my hair. because I’m trying to get that was my first time ever having braids. so I’m trying to get those little what you call matted hair.
A little loose so I can comb my hair out and you know get it back right. but yeah I got the conditioner in my head and got it wrapped up in a little bun with two shower caps on it. so the heat to penetrate but I had a box and it’s from you guys gonna see it back. but that’s from satire and we’re gonna say of course.
The anxiousness is because it’s gonna fit kind of fit. so I’m doing a true unboxing with you guys. I ordered two things I don’t know which things are okay do like another little blog of it.
This is the boom boom ain’t got some let’s see the shoes smack it with stuff oh and here goes nothing. I’m right there I need to go get myself a pedicure like last week. but okay all right that’s it for that blog.
Wearing Prada Heel
Prada shoes coming to a tick-tock or reel near you soon okay. so I’m pissed beautiful shoe, Prada. I liked the fact that it was a pointed toe sling back. you know stiletto and the heel wasn’t that high let me bring you guys down right here. I like this little orange Little tab right here. because I figured you could dress it up or you can dress it down. you know you can wear it with some jeans and a cardigan or you can wear it with like a pencil skirt. you know dress it up dress it down. so I put the shoe on and walked over to the mirror to check it out. because the worst thing in the world you can have is the back of your foot.
Hanging off of your shoe is not cute well not to me. so with the shoe, I showed you guys now back here is this Prada logo which I thought was cool. I didn’t see that when I bought the shoe but cool it’s cute for some reason.
Beautiful Prada Heel
As I was testing out the shoe this part of the heel. this whole thing right here turned sideways making the heel slant. you know like go to the left and then I had to pull it back like this the sailing no sail. these shoes cost too much damn money to be even thinking about.
Going through that so unless the product gonna pop them off to me for free they gotta go back to the store. I had so many plans for this because this is going to be like my pop of color for the fall and this was like. you know this was different and I like different.
so disheartening because I was waiting on these shoes like and it. it doesn’t go it goes left it doesn’t go right the right side sticks. but come on I don’t even want to be walking thinking about it. I want to be able to walk With confidence in my shoes. I would be walking somewhere scared that it’s gonna slide over to the left. it sucks so you win some you lose some that’s life right. but I do have another cute pair coming so they’re not Prada.
But, they treat me better than these but look at me out. these are going to be so cute oh there’s going to be so cute. but I will unless I find them again which. I bought the last pair that was on the site in a size 40. this was the last size so unless I find another one.
To at least give you the opportunity. if you’d like to order the shoe or if you find the shoe elsewhere to give you all the specs. this was a fluke you know sometimes that happened let’s be real um like. I said I don’t want to put the shoe on. because I don’t want to damage the shoe any further than it is because I am sending it.
It’s back but like I said it was the Prada slingback stiletto heel and the heel. when you stand in it turned like this whole piece turned and I’ll reiterate I would not feel.
Good putting this shoe on and going out anywhere. I would not walk in confidence and that all women that wear any type of hill should always be able to walk in some realm of confidence or else. you should not be wearing heels but that’s my opinion.
The name of the shoe is the cal zortor donna the calzatour donna. it’s in the color Nero which is black and orange and this was a size 40.
but it’s made out of like a nylon puffy material. but it’s quite durable everything else about. the shoe looks to be quite impeccable the toe trying to be very fair with the shoe. the toe box is nice the bottom everything feels very soft feels.
Popout Product
Like very soft leather most times when I do sling backs it’s a hit or miss. because this can tend to slide off your feet and although. I may not be giving um a fair assessment of this shoe. because I haven’t worn it outside it did stick to the back of my foot whereas others do that. I’ve returned before even with me walking around in the house it would flip off. so that’s as good as I can give you on this Shoe right now. it’s a beautiful shoe I’m sad because again I had high hopes for this shoe. I wanted to you know like jeans and a t-shirt I’m simple when it comes to most things. but I do like something to pop out and most times my pop-out thing is like a nice blazer.
A beautiful badass shoe um or handbag and if you got all three then. you’re in the money so some jeans with this some skinny jeans. some wide-leg jeans a pencil skirt a pleated skirt.
This right here is what I bought the shoe for this right here. because of this pop of color and of course, it says right there and it is a true orange.