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Prada Hoodies

Dynamic, modern-day, and new; the Prada hoodies Fall/wintry weather 2020 campaign celebrates the brand new energetic collection with a high-quality forged of younger and international abilities from terrific additives of the area – globally influential figures, cultural interest-changers. This Linea Rosa advertising marketing campaign talents Chinese language actress and dancer Jinn Chen, South Korean musician and producer Chanel Park, and American actress and trade agent Yare Shaheed.

The singular nature of every one of their skills is matched via the pairing of these Linea Rosa personas with top-notch photographers: each creates a photo reflective of the individual, a window into their lives. Assisting numerous close-by artistic realities, the three talents have been shot one after the other, each of their very personal international locations, via close photographers: Jinn Chen changed into portrayed with the resource of Leslie Zhang, Chanel Park with the aid of Jung Wok Mock, and Yare Shaheed by using way of Rendell Medrano.

Line Of Lifestyle

Reinterpreting the means of the street that is the logo of Prada hoodies, the idea of the fall/wintry climate 2020 advertising and advertising marketing campaign is the timeline, a lineage of the self. Like Linea Rosa, it represents evolution, improvement, and pushing forwards – a line of lifestyles. This season, the crimson line is used to relate the three talents’ strains of tough work, which reflect their multifaceted careers and particular lower lower lower back-reminiscences, the histories and encounters which have brought them to in recent times.

Inside the connection of every to fashionable society, to the experience of the now, and their popularity and stress to pioneer and to excel, this trio of advertising campaign abilities is united through mindset with every special, and with Linea Rosa, with its ethos of modern, excessive-widespread overall performance garments engineered to the desires of dynamic life nowadays. They percent a line of ideas.

Credit score:

Photos and film by using the use:

Leslie Zhang for Jinn Chen

Jung Wok Mock for Chanel Park

Rendell Medrano for Yare Shaheed

Innovative path:

Innovation, experimentation, evolution. For Fall/wintry climate 2020, Prada hoodies maintain to grow its ideology of in advance-searching and in advance-wondering garb, fusing technological invention, feature, and style. Clothes that may be formed via their utility and use, are typically engineered to the wishes of life. Gadget for dwelling.

Fabric Layer

This season, Prada hoodies introduce excessive-TEX, a present-day three-layer fabric researched and advanced entirely by means of Prada hoodies. length. Born from a choice to combine the leading fringe of cloth technology with sustainable manufacturing practices, immoderate-TEX consists of recycled polyester, synthetic the use of non-polluting methods – fluorocarbon and herbal and toxic pollutant-unfastened during the method of waterproofing. Slight-weight yet hooked up, with an inner membrane of graphene-based polyurethane, excessive-TEX is water-repellant and robust. In addition, severe-TEX thermoregulates frame temperature, favoring perspiration, with antibacterial homes fused to the fibers. It’s far a cloth that offers safety not most effective for the body, but additionally the environment. In its emphasis no longer only on new lifestyles and raw materials, but on accountable strategies at some stage in the chain of its manufacture, development, and introduction, severe- TEX is the anticipation of ways material may be produced for destiny.

Immoderate-TEX debuted within the Fall/iciness 2020 Prada men’s and women’s hoodies suggests – lessen into overcoats for men and t-shirt shapes for women, demonstrating the intense versatility of this unique material. Furnished in weights – excessive-TEX and excessive-TEX light – it’s miles the leitmotif of the collection, synced with inspirations of use, function, and need.

Dynamic Clothing

The Prada hoodies for men and women advise a metropolitan material cloth wardrobe of dynamic clothing. This is a city uniform, stimulated thru sports activities and survival, geared in the direction of movement, lightness, and ease. Black and Linea Rosa pink dominate the shade palette, a thread of outstanding and instantaneous visual identification connecting the technique of those surprisingly-technical typical overall performance garments. Severe-TEX is blended with stretch jersey, nylon, and tech-knit – there’s a focus on sustainability and the use of regenerated yarns through the complete collection. Menswear emphasizes silhouette with mild-weight padding and beneficent squared cuts: womenswear disrupts the language, introducing exceedingly female colors – powder crimson, celeste blue, yellow, flour cerise – and abbreviated silhouettes.

In a surprising translation, the Prada hoodies and women’s style suggests delivering a brand new idea to Linea Rosa: clothes with traditional styling quietly revolutionized with a Linea Rosa signature, of innovative cloth strategies. Using intense TEX in men’s overcoats and trousers and women’s t-blouse shapes creates a brand new paradoxical hybrid – techno classics – that is quintessentially Prada.