Do you want to know more about sneakers?

Alright, let’s read into it so you know there are things that go on your feet sneakers. right, in other words, they’re called geeks they called shoes Footwear tennis

Better Feeling Sneakers :

Shoes whatever you want to call it there is no better feeling. right there putting a fresh pair of sneakers on your feet you know what I’m talking about. high five the way they look that the way they feel that smell when you first put them. meeting friends days your everyday normal tasks using some of these for going. outgoing off-road like outdoors some. of these for hiking or trying to impress others see kids when these. whoo now that last one is subjective and you know but a lot of people do it. so yeah I thought I put it in there anyway and with impressing others. sneakers that’s where you get this kind of definition of a high pace

Buy Good Sneakers:

So you guys can uh you know get rehearsed and everything. so we should start well that you. actually buy shoes or sneakers that you actually like you know and try to stay in that. as much as you can you know don’t try to buy things. because someone else saying they look good you know at the end it. comes up to you and your own personal taste right you don’t want to be you know. Because someone’s like oh man oh these shoes are cool. but you’re like oh no they don’t but he thinks it looks cool all day think it. looks good I should buy it too guys, in the end. it’s up to you to write your own choice to actually buy that sneaker. and you know try to buy sneakers that. you’ll actually use there are many occasions where you can wear different. constant it’s like going to the gym they still go into the gym.

Right Occasion :

Are you a high pace it depends anyway don’t try to stock up on sneakers for one specific occasion? like in the examples that I begin before you don’t want to be wearing your cool white. outdoors you’re going hiking no that’s not the right occasion. you know you gotta have that. why you know don’t bite to one specific category so remember that sneaker. will always be like a luxury item you know they. Are not necessity bills and responsibilities will always come before. you know any cop any sneaker buy right you don’t want to be the kind of guy that they’re it can’t watch. because he hasn’t paid his electricity bills.

Different Sneakers:

Different kinds of sneakers now. I can go on and on about actual sneakers culture and you know. and all the kinds of different things that relate to being a snakehead. but I wanted to kind of conclude with your sneakers yeah they could. fill a void in your life that you didn’t know that you had it could bring a whole new dimension

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